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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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Yueda talent concept:

Adhering to the work purpose of “respecting the value, developing the potential and sublimating the soul of people”, Yueda aims to become an inclusive organization where ordinary people will become excellent people, excellent people become prominent people, and a steady stream of people will realize their dreams of life here.

It is Yueda's continuous talent pursuit to cultivate and create a talent team that will win market leadership, create organizational advantages, lead value orientation and have a sense of mission and responsibility, and support the realization of strategic goals.

Yueda cares for employees from the aspects of life, emotion and growth.

Yueda people cherish their inner dreams and pursuits, because they will become more energetic, creative and capable of surpassing other organizations and individuals with dreams and thus realize the sublimation of their own realm.


Guangxi Beihai Yueda FRP Products Co.

Guiding ideology

Respect human values

Yueda advocates that everyone is a talent. As long as you agree with the concept of China Resources, as long as you have professionalism and professional quality, and as long as you can create performance, you are all Yueda people and can become Yueda talents.

Yueda advocates the common growth of corporate value and employee value. With the development of the company, employees shall also receive remuneration and positions that are appropriate to their own efforts so as to realize value recognition.

The company shall have the employees create Yueda brand effect due to the work experience of China Resources and achieve a higher market value.


Develop the potential of people

Yueda puts talent development at a strategic level and continuously provides employees with opportunities for learning, work and self-challenge. This is Yueda's highest respect for people and greatest goodwill for employees.

Yueda strives to optimize the talent selection, training, use and retention mechanism, emphasizes the performance-oriented use of people, scientifically evaluates and selects people, cultivates people in all aspects and at all levels, fully taps people's potential, and achieves the purpose of giving full scope to the talents.


Sublimate the soul of people

Following the operation philosophy of “all people-oriented, population-driven growth, respect for humanistic spirit and improvement of people's life”, Yueda organizes all business activities for the better life of people. This is the meaning of Yueda people's work, life and growth, and also the higher-level spiritual pursuit of Yueda people.

Through cultural training, value shaping, mechanism incentives, and work experience, Yueda creates an atmosphere of inspiring people to move forward and promoting people to grow, which can stimulate employees' entrepreneur spirit, and sense of responsibility and mission, and guide employees to explore the meaning of work and life so that they can be committed to a higher level of spiritual sublimation and realize the pursuit that transcends their personal interests.


Talent management

The talent management starts from the strategic and organizational development needs, and centers around the construction of Yueda talent team to form a differentiated management system aiming at different talent groups and constitute a closed loop of talent standard, planning, selection, cultivation, use and retention.

Yueda motivates employees in key positions to go through multi-post, cross-function and cross-industry exercise so as to continuously optimize the matching degree between people and positions, people and teams, as well as people and organizations, improve the structure and level of the talent team, and maintain the passion and vitality of the organization.

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